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Extrait du MAD du 14/01/2015

L’art à mons 2015 … Quel sujet vaste me diriez vous ! L’art est partout, de l’Expo Van Gogh en passant par les structures La Chine ardente ou encore Mons street review, les amateurs d’art (sous quelque forme soit elle) seront en extases. L’art sera vraiment LA base de cette année 2015 ! Continuer la lecture

Why do startups die?

Failure #1: « I had the Next Big Thing »
An idea has no value as such.

Failure #2: « we were considered the leader »
Never overestimate the competition.

Failure #3: « We thought, ‘We’ll attack this problem a few years before Microsoft and Oracle notice it and recognize it as a problem.' »
Never underestimate big companies resources.

Failure #4: « We would’ve spent another three months head down developing it, without a business model or any way to keep paying the rent… »
Developing without any conversion idea is worthless. No money, no future.

Failure #5: « The business decision to focus on technology and avoid building a consumer application had a significant impact [on the eventual failure]. »
Technology has no bank account.

Failure #6: « My billion dollar idea was described as « tired » and « annoying' »
Long lasting fun is the best way to sell.

Failure #7: « Issues with money, traction, team, and vision »

Failure #9: They gave away a service for free, and ran out of cash to pay the bills

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/33-startups-that-died-reveal-why-they-failed-2013-6?op=1#ixzz2aKvLdmQd